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Henna by Elyse has moved to Fieldstone Herbal! We still provide the same bespoke henna artistry across Northwest Connecticut and the Hudson Valley in New York. 

Lawsonis inermis, commonly known as henna, is a plant, art form and ancient tradition. Henna has been used by cultures across India, northern Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years for medicinal purposes and body adornment.


The ancient Egyptians dyed their hair with henna and buried their pharaohs with it. Jewish peoples throughout north Africa and the Middle East used henna in religious ceremonies. The Moors of Medieval Spain used henna for body art, and paintings from the time depict people and saints with hennaed hands. Medicinally, the molecule in henna that dyes the skin, lawsone, is a powerful anti-fungal and has been used to cure ringworm in livestock and treat Athlete's Foot.


Grown in hot, arid regions of the world, the leaves of the henna plant are harvested twice each year, then dried and ground into a very fine powder. This powder is mixed with water and essential oils to form a paste for use on hair and skin. At Fieldstone Herbal, we use the finest quality henna powder from Rajasthan, India for all our clients. 

We offer the following henna services:

• Group Events at $125/hr with a two-hour minimum—birthdays, graduations, bridal and baby showers, family reunions and gatherings, bat and bar mitzvahs, book club meetings, backyard barbecues and more.

• Pregnancy Henna starting at $150—adorn your pregnant belly with henna as a beautiful way to celebrate this special time and welcome your child into the world.

• Individual Appointments starting at $30 for 15 minutes

• Workshops and Library Programs:

     - Virtual—a 90-minute interactive experience at $190

     - In-Person—a two-hour program at $250

For more detailed information or to schedule henna services, please email us at hello@fieldstoneherbal.com. 

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Hand crafted in small batches in the rolling hills of Northwest Connecticut.


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