Humans have been living in relationship with the sacred White Pine for millennia. This tree is indigenous to North America and was important to both Native peoples and the early European settlers. From this tree, early Americans made paint, turpentine and lumber for building homes. They also used the pitch and resin for a variety of purposes. The inner bark and seeds were consumed as food by both Native peoples and colonists alike. Native peoples also used this tree medicinally, chewing on the bark to treat respiratory infections and using the pitch to seal wounds. 


In plant-spirit medicine, White Pine represents the Above Direction and is a symbol of protection and purification. It has the ability, both energetically and physically, to draw things out. White Pine can be used to help us release negative attitudes and thought patterns, pain, anger and sadness enabling us to create a safe space for peace and healing. Use this smudge stick in your spiritual practice to guide you as you cleanse, purify and make way for positive energy.


About Smudging: Smudging is the ancient ceremonial practice of lighting dried herbs on fire and wafting the smoke around a space, person or in the seven sacred directions to clear away negative energy, connect with the spirit world and promote inner healing. To learn more about smudging herbs and practices, visit Taos Herb Co.


Each smudge stick is made with 7 to 8 small White Pine branches. String colors may vary.

White Pine Smudge Stick

  • Ignite the feathery pine needle end of your smudge stick. Let it burn for 15 to 20 seconds before blowing out the flame. Waft the smoke to cleanse your space and make way for inner peace. When finished using smudge stick, submerge the burning end in water or sand to extinguish before storing.

  • Due to the nature of our products, we do not accept returns for a refund or exchange. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


Hand crafted in small batches in the rolling hills of Northwest Connecticut.

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